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Admission Policy

Registration of new students at I.S. begins end of February onward. All new students are required to fill out an application form (online or in person). The age limit of students applying to KG1 is 3 years old by the end of December. Students in preschool must already be toilet trained by the beginning of the academic year.

All new students go through an interview and/or a placement test as part of the admission process. Registration to any grade level is not final and formal until all proper documentation is available on or before December 15. All those interested in applying to I.S. are urged to follow the below procedure accurately:

Registration Process

A. Fill out an application form (online or in person)

B. Provide a photocopy of a valid passport, I.D. card and/or اخراج قيد. If an applicant is a national of another country, a copy of passport must be provided to the school.

C. Sit for a personal/family interview and/or a placement test.

D. Provide two recent passport size photos.

E. Fill out the Medical Form and provide a photocopy of vaccination records.

F. Provide a recommendation from previous school if and when requested.

G. Provide official transcripts for the last three years.

A. For students applying from schools in Lebanon:

Applicants must provide an official document from the school from which they are transferring, certified by the Ministry of Education, attesting to the successful completion of the previous academic year.

B. For students applying to I.S. from abroad (regardless of nationality):

To formally include student names on the school’s formal records, applicants must provide copies of school transcripts for the last three years. The transcripts must be certified by:

  1. The Lebanese Embassy or Consulate of the country from which the student is transferring.
  2. Transcripts must then be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  3. These same transcripts must then be formalized by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education confirming the grade level that the student is applying for.
  4. Transcripts from the U.S. must go through AMIDEAST - Beirut or through Washington D.C.

C. Returning students:

Registration for returning students is automatically renewed. Parents of any student not returning to I.S. for the next academic year must submit a cancellation letter on or before May 15. Failure to inform the school prior to this date may result in a cancellation fee of $150

Accounting Procedures and Fees

The following information defines the standard and regulations that govern the registration, cancellation, and discount procedures as set forth by the school. The standards are final and cannot be altered or modified.

A. A non-refundable, one time only development fee of $150 is required prior to registration.

B. Tuition fees are due as per below:

1st payment (at the beginning of the year in September and before the 18th)

2nd payment (no later than December 15)

3rd payment (by March 15)

NOTE: late payment (past due dates) will incur up to 10% extra fees to the payable amount remaining.

C. Students benefiting from extra support or SPED services will get a detailed statement of extra charges upon registration and no later than October 15.

For more information, contact accounts@is-koura.org

Transportation Procedures

A. Registration in school transport is done upon registration in school. No transport registration will be made in the first two weeks of school. A change of address (temporary or permanent) must be communicated to the school in writing at least three working days in advance, in order to ensure proper service.

B. Rules and regulations:

  1. The school shall insure that every student registered in its transportation service shall have an allocated seat.
  2. The school shall strive to maximize the efficiency of the transportation system.
  3. The school shall include every student registered in the transportation service in its insurance plan.
  4. Transport personnel cannot wait to pick students up after the time that has been allocated him/her has passed. Parents and/or guardians shall ensure that students are on time.
  5. The transport system will have an escort (where applicable) on the bus’ daily trips to and from school.
  6. The school reserves the right to allocate pick up/drop off points or times based on factors that improve the overall efficiency of the transport system, not based on personal needs or requests of the students.
  7. The school reserves the right to suspend a student from transportation services in cases where the student does not comply with the bus safety rules and proper behavior. In such cases, transportation fees are non-refundable.